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Welcome to the website of Trinity. Trinity garden pictures from May 2020. Thank you to our volunteer gardeners.

Trinity is a joint URC / Methodist church. It is an active member of the Church in Abingdon – a thriving ecumenical project comprising 14 Abingdon churches.

Minister's Letter (from July August Trinity Triangle)

Dear Friends,

If there are two things the majority of people struggle with, then uncertainty and waiting must be high on the list. Ever since lockdown started many months ago, it has been difficult to see when it would come to an end. As restrictions are gradually lifted it is just as difficult to know what really is safe to do or not do. If anything, coming out of lockdown is much harder than going into it. However, signs of hope do emerge. Medical advances are starting to come to fruition. Those who are more at risk or vulnerable, or who have been adversely affected in terms of their education appear to be being offered support. It is not each person for themselves.

Here in Abingdon we have delighted in seeing how communities have come together. Neighbours who hardly knew each other have formed friendships. Offers of practical help have been plentiful. It has affirmed that we are not designed to be individual islands, but that we are designed to live in communities. Trinity, like many churches, has strengthened its communication with those associated with the church, its worshipping community and beyond. We have demonstrated that the church is God’s people, not confined to a building but dispersed in the community, living ordinary lives in the knowledge of God’s extraordinary love for all people in all situations which overflows through us to care for God’s world.

Yes, we wait and we look forward to being able to come together once more. As we do during advent, we wait with expectation. Expectation of being able to worship God together, to lament together, to give thanks together. We wait to see all the work that has been done in the Conduit Centre since we were last there and to delight in the improvements made. These will be ready by the time we can go back and continue where we left of being a church that worships God and serves the community. It will be wonderful to see and hear Trinity buzz with life again, and recall that Jesus said he came that we might have life and live it abundantly.

At the time of writing, we cannot set a date for when all this will start happening. However, as restrictions are lifted, there are signs of hope. And we, God’s people, are a people of hope. My prayer over these summer months is that we will delight in the hope, joy, peace and comfort of God and that when we do come together again that joy will be infectious and a new chapter of being a beacon of God’s light will shine brightly in Abingdon.

Every Blessing
Rev Ian

While we investigate reinstating public services the following worship material has been provided this week by Trinity Church, Abingdon.

Methodist churches are sharing weekday morning prayers online:
09:00 Wesley House, Cambridge
(Resources for the prayers and readings are available here)
10:00 Wesley’s Chapel, London

JPIT – The Joint Public Issues Team is made up of the Baptist Union, the Church of Scotland, the Methodist Church and the United Reformed Church, working together for peace and justice. JPIT are encouraging people to establish a daily rhythm of prayer, and will be sharing prompts on social media and via a daily email pointing people towards different issues; local, national and global to encourage us to pray. This will particularly highlight vulnerable and marginalised groups during the Coronavirus crisis. Visit here for more information.

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