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Trinity is a joint URC / Methodist church. It is an active member of the Church in Abingdon – a thriving ecumenical project.

Minister’s Letter

Dear Friends,

Anna Briggs’ hymn seems most appropriate for today. It opens with these words: “We lay our broken world in sorrow at your feet, haunted by hunger, war and fear, oppressed by power and hate.” As we look upon the wars in Israel and Ukraine, we wonder at what cost all this takes place. Anna, in her hymn goes on to say, “Here human life seems less…” I must say I find it difficult when parts of the world characterised by people who believe in a God of love, peace and mercy, find themselves at war with each other. Not just now, but from one generation to another. How did it come to this? Perhaps historians and others are better placed to answer that than me.

For now, all we can do is pray. Sometimes that doesn’t feel like anywhere near enough, but there are ways of offering practical support as the war in Ukraine has shown us. It may be difficult to see how any of this can come to a good end, and yet God does not abandon these people or anyone. Returning to Anna’s hymn, “We bring our broken loves, friends parted, families torn; then in your life and death we see that love must be reborn.”

In this broken world, the need for Jesus, Prince of Peace to be known seems to grow ever stronger. The need for his people to be people of peace and joy in the midst of all that is happening in our society and the world grows ever stronger. It is not someone else’s responsibility, rather it is everyone’s. It will be seen in how we treat each other and reflected in how we vote and what influence we seek to have on those in positions of responsibility. We live in times when it seems all the more important that our MPs do know what their constituents think and believe. Once again, the church cannot be quiet on these and other issues. For example, as God’s people, we must keep campaigning and telling Parliament that it is not right in 2023 for people to be relying on food banks. The church has frequently punched above its weight; it can do so again.

In this month of November when we remember those who lost their lives in wars past; may we do all that we can to show that each life matters to God and to us. May we become agents for peace in our world in prayer and action.

Every blessing


Sunday 26 November
10:30am Anniversary Celebration – Morning Worship led by Revd Ian Griffiths

Sunday 3 December
10:30am Gift Service led by Deacon Selina