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Welcome to the website of Trinity. Pictures of snow, advent and Christmas from previous years.

Trinity is a joint URC / Methodist church. It is an active member of the Church in Abingdon – a thriving ecumenical project comprising 14 Abingdon churches.

Minister's Letter (from December Triangle)

Dear Friends,

The Christmas Story is all about journeys: The journey to Bethlehem by Mary and Joseph, the journey to the manger by the Shepherds, the journey of the Magi who brought their gifts. Yet this Christmas we don’t yet know whether we will be able to make journeys to our friends and families. This Christmas will feel like none other we have ever known. In recent days, I have been talking about Carol Services, even though we don’t think we will be allowed to sing!

Yet it was into this world that Jesus was born. It was into a world and a country where things were not perfect, the reality was gritty and the politics uncomfortable. Into this world, Jesus was born. This world will once again celebrate his birth, retell the story and know the best of all truths, that God is with us. God travels with us as we enter into a new year.

Many of us will be praying for a better new year, but like every new year, we take a moment to remember those precious moments of the year that has passed. We remember the celebrations as well as the difficulties. We remember how God has accompanied us on our journey. We remember how, as a church family we have supported each other despite not be being able to worship together as we would like. To be part of God’s family has been one of the most amazing things that has never separated our fellowship and friendship.

One of the Advent carols I have always enjoyed singing is ‘O come, O come Emmanuel’. This year we have learned in a different way the meaning of Emmanuel - God with us. My prayer as we celebrate Christmas and move into 2021 is that we will continue to celebrate God’s choice to be near us in all things. That God will continue to encourage and inspire us, lift us and comfort us. We can be confident that God will be with us now and as we travel into 2021 and join in the adventure of all that God is doing in this part of His world.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Rev Ian

The following worship material has been provided by Trinity Church, Abingdon, for worshipping at home.

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