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Trinity is a joint URC / Methodist church. It is an active member of the Church in Abingdon – a thriving ecumenical project.

Minister’s letter for June 2022

Dear Friends,

‘Seek ye first the kingdom of God’ used to be a favourite hymn in the church I grew up in, partly because we used to like singing it in a round. That first line is often a wonderful reminder to us all of what God calls us to. We are called by God to become followers of Jesus, to reflect his love, joy and compassion in the world. We are also expected to call upon the wisdom of God in all things.

Seeking the wisdom of God is not always an easy thing to do. I remember so often parents and teachers saying something like, “God gave you a brain, use it!”, which is, of course, true. But when do we learn to lean on the wisdom of God which may differ from our own ideas? When do we say, ‘Not our way, but your will be done.’?

Just as the first line of that hymn serves as a constant reminder, so too does the task of seeking God’s will in all things. In some, the choices before us may be simple and easy. Yet others are more complex and challenging. As we learn to live with Covid, many remain cautious and many are keen to get on with living as they did before. The questions we face, whether it is to mask or not to mask, or whether to meet in person or stay at home, are questions we can only answer for ourselves. The question we as Trinity Church ask, is how do we best love and care for each other?

This is one of the questions we will ask at our next Church Meeting on Thursday 16 June, 7:30 in Church. We will also be bringing a fuller update about all the work that has been going on behind the scenes on the questions of Sustainability. On the Sunday when Nicola from TrinityLearning told us of what they had been doing and how they had responded to Covid, she said to me something else. She said she was amazed at how our church family at Trinity reaches into the community, far and wide. It was lovely to hear. It was yet another affirmation that God calls us to minister and to mission from Trinity Church, and how often this is not always seen or noticed or celebrated. Yet God is at work in us and through us, and is seen by others.

Above all things, we seek to be faithful to the God who loves us beyond measure. My prayer is that as we do this, we may be filled with his love and his joy and become bold witnesses for Christ as we are confident that God is with us.

Wishing you all every blessing

Rev Ian

The following worship material has also been provided by Trinity Church, Abingdon, for worshipping at home.