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Conduit Centre Refurbishment

October 8, 2019

Conduit Centre

Trinity Church has decided to make improvements to the entrance and the facilities in the Conduit Centre. Over 700 people a week use the Centre. It hosts more than 20 community groups on a regular basis.

The new facilities will enable easier access for the disabled and infirm and for the children who use the Centre. The project will include environmentally friendly changes which will save on heating and lighting.

Phase 2 Plans

The First Phase (Summer 2019)
• Replacement toilets in the facilities off the Main Hall often used by children taking part in activities or by other groups
• Integrated seat facilities for children
• Provision of hot water in these toilets
• Redecoration

The Second Phase (January 2020)
• A new front door to provide easy access for wheelchairs
• New toilet facilities and a greater number of toilets
• A separate disabled toilet opposite the front door for easy access
• A baby-changing facility
• LED lighting
• More storage
• Enclosure of the open tread staircase making the stairs safer.

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Trinity Learning Anniversary

September 26, 2019

Over 70 past and present supporters of TrinityLearning, including the Mayor of Abingdon, Cllr Charlie Birks, gathered together at Trinity Church on Thursday 26th September to mark 10 years of supporting well-being in Abingdon schools.

Rosemary Perrow, the retiring Education Development Officer, was presented with gifts and cards by Reverend Ian Griffiths, who explained how TrinityLearning has developed from small beginnings as a church project into the growing charity it is today. Revd Griffiths reflected on Rosemary’s many years of service to Abingdon schools and the ongoing impact of the TrinityLearning’s work in the lives of Abingdon’s young people.

The current Education Development Officer, Nicola Williams, spoke briefly about current projects including TrinityLearning’s new Thinking Books Mentoring Scheme which is just rolling out in the area’s primary schools.