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Christian Aid Week – 14-20 May 2023

The focus for Christian Aid Week is on the country of Malawi. Cyclone Freddy, the longest-lasting tropical cyclone on record (lasting 34 days), hit Malawi and Mozambique in February and March this year. Malawi experienced a year’s worth of rain during the 4-week cyclone. The number of people affected by the tropical cyclone in Malawi continues to rise. Over 508,000 people are displaced and hundreds have lost their lives. There is also an increased risk of malaria and cholera in the immediate aftermath. The gifts to Christian Aid could help farmers in Malawi plant better seeds, secure a fairer price for the crops, and build happier futures for their children.

The Christian Aid Market Place Sale was held on Saturday 20th May 2023. There were stalls with cakes and preserves, books, DVDs, CDs and plants.