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Rosemary Perrow ‘Sowing Seeds’

Rosemary Perrow (and Mayor of Abingdon) at the 10th anniversary of Trinity Learning

Rosemary Perrow’s memorial service will be on Saturday 2nd October,
2pm at Trinity Church.

‘ Sowing Seeds’ was written by Rosemary and appeared in Triangle three years after TrinityLearning was set up.

Sowing Seeds In these days of seed drills and mechanised farming, it’s easy to forget that in Biblical times, the sower scattered the seed freely over the field. Where it landed, whether it grew, was not in his control – that was where God came in.

The work of TrinityLearning is a bit like that. Activities like DIY Assemblies and TrinityLearning News are carefully crafted to help children and staff in as many ways as possible and always get (“great fun”, “I learned a lot” “Joe has grown in confidence”, “Trinity has been a Godsend”) and demand for our help is always growing, but we cannot tell how long-lasting the results of our efforts will be. I was pondering this thought in the office last month when there was a knock on the door. It was Jack – one of our first work experience students, who came to us over two years ago. He’d just completed a long-distance charity walk and was talking about university and job applications. He wondered if we could help by supplying references from his work experience?

Many people ask me whether our work will lead to new faith lives – people in the pews. The answer is, maybe – we pray so. What we do know is that, because of our work in the last few years, over 1,500 children and 200 adults have come into Trinity, enjoyed being in a church, met church folk and been helped to understand what church life is all about. Maybe they won’t ever re-visit Trinity, but at some stage in their lives, when they need God, maybe He won’t seem so remote. And in the meantime, our volunteers have been blessed by their encounters at Experience Easter and more than 700 people have sought out the resource we have developed. We have sown the seeds -pray that the plants will grow.

Rosemary Perrow