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“I have come that they may have life, life in all its fullness”

We set out with two aims:
• to help R.E. teachers as they talked to youngsters about one of the most difficult Christian stories
• to give children a chance to be still to reflect on how the Easter story relates to their own lives
(I’ll let the feedback speak for itself:)

Hundreds experience Easter at Abingdon

Nearly 300 children and 50 adults visited the Easter Experience in Abingdon. The church was transformed into a new Jerusalem, with six tableaux surrounding a huge labyrinth.

Storytellers from many Abingdon churches recounted excerpts from the Easter story to small groups of primary school children and their staff. Children and adults then joined in reflective activities that explored the relevance of Easter to their own lives.

During the two days of Experience Easter, the tableaux settings themselves became metaphors of the Easter message. Gethsemane started out as a dark, bare corner, but slowly beautiful little creatures and plants crept into the garden. The children had been asked to imagine they could roll up nasty feelings they had felt into balls of plasticine, then work them into something better.”

The Methodist Recorder April 15th

“Thank you so much for a wonderful visit to Trinity for The Easter Experience that our children so much enjoyed. Please pass on our thanks to all your helpers who made the morning so memorable. In schools we spend a lot of time talking about the Christmas story but the events of Easter week don't get the attention that the most important Christian festival warrants! I am sure the other schools will be blessed by your ministry.” St Nicolas Primary School

“I am especially glad we came because I learned some things that weren’t in our usual Easter story” Thea, Thomas Reade School.

“Thankyou for our wonderful visit to the Easter workshop. The children found it an amazing experience and talked and wrote about it with great enthusiasm. The experiences brought the Easter message across in a very engaging and thought-provoking way.” Wootton Primary School

“I liked the labyrinth, because it got me thinking” Jamie, Thomas Reade

None of us were prepared for the impact that Experience Easter would have on our own lives:
“As a storyteller, it is a privilege to hear the children’s questions and comments. I came away spiritually refreshed”
There were some truly precious moments as the children thought about Jesus’ friends’ feelings. The best was “God smackt” which just sums it all up really – God hitting us with the truth!”

TrinityLearning 2013