TrinityTrinityLearning - Mission

“I have come that they may have life, life in all its fullness”

Back in 2005, Graham Russell, (then Education Secretary of The Methodist Church) wrote:

'Schools are under constant pressure to improve their performance and fulfil new requirements. This approach to education undermines our responsibility to help individuals achieve their full potential. Is it any wonder that the joys of learning and teaching are so often overshadowed by high levels of stress?'

Eight years later, nothing has changed. It is still our responsibility, as Christians, to help individuals achieve their full potential, and there are still high levels of stress in schools, preventing this.

In subjects such as PSHE & citizenship, morals & ways of thinking are part of the curriculum, taught like any other subject. Our society asks teachers, many of whom have no faith background of their own, to introduce faith to our children. It asks teachers who are weighed down by the pressures of educational bureaucracy to teach our children about spirituality.

This is why TrinityLearning exists.

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