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Mission Statement: "Serving God, serving each other, serving community. "

Welcome to Trinity

Trinity Church is a joint URC / Methodist church. It is an active member of the Church in Abingdon - a thriving ecumenical project comprising 14 Abingdon churches

Services for the next two weeks

18th February
10.30 am Morning Worship & Communion Led by Revd Kate Pryde
6.30 pm - At All Saints

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25th February
10.30 am Morning Worship Led by Malcolm Newton
6.30 pm -  Communion Service at Trinity Led by Revd Pauline Main


Ministry of Turning Up

In the February Trinity Triangle Magazine there is a mention of Tony Payne's book "How to walk into a church".

Tony writes "In reality, what really stops many of us from turning up more frequently to church is a failure to grasp just how vital the ‘ministry of turning up’ really is. One of the acts of love and encouragement we can all engage in is the powerful encouragement of just being there - because every time I walk into church, I am wearing a metaphorical t-shirt that says, ;God is important to me, and you are important to me.’ And on the back it says, ‘And that’s why I wouldn’t dream of missing this’."

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Experience Easter

Experience Easter 2018 promises to be very special, as for the first time ever, visitors will be coming to us in Holy Week itself.  It would be good to share such a meaningful event more widely, so we are hoping to run even more sessions than usual.

Around 2500 children and 500 adults have journeyed through the Easter Story since Experience Easter began in 2010, gaining new insights as well as confronting major life challenges. It is run with the help of a friendly, ecumenical, team of volunteers from 12 churches.

Visit Trinity Learning to find out more about this and other activities led by Trinity Learning.

Experience Easter

Trinity Toddlers 30th Anniversary

Trinity toddlers celebrated their 30th anniversary in July 2017. A big thankyou was said to all the helpers past and present. Helpers provide support for all the mums, dads, grandparents, carers and children who come. A special mention was made to the longest serving volunteer, Marjorie Wallis, who has helped ever since the group started. She continues to help every week on the welcome desk.

The group starts back on the 14th September after the summer holidays.

(Thanks to the Trinity Toddlers Facebook Page for the picture.)


Deacon Selina Nisbett

Congratulation to Deacon Selina Nisbett who was Ordained at Darlington Street Methodist Church

Selina was one of 5 Deacons being Ordained at this year's Methodist Conference.

The Revd Dr Laurence preached; The Vice-President of Conference Mrs. E Jill Baker, read the Old Testament Lesson ( Isaiah 61:1-4 ); Bishop Leidimo Edoni, (from the United Methodist Church of Papua New Guinea) read the Epistle (1 Corinthians 12:27-13:13) ; and Deacon Karen McBride read John 13:1-17.